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Our Services

Devops Consultation, maturity assessment

Helping organizations to transform through "Enterprise Devops"


Agile Maturity Assessment

We will measure the organization's agile readiness in terms Practice, Technology, and Culture. Then, defining the short/long term objectives with a transformation roadmap. 

Devops Maturity Assessment

We will work with your organization's team & set short/long term goals to understand your software development life cycle processes, digital asset management, version control policies, and infrastructure/administration needs.


ALM Implementation

We will  assist in implementing the best-fit ALM tool (Jira, Confluence, Clarive,..) after a thorough requirement gathering session to come with the most-fit recommendations.

Jenkins Pipeline Consultation

We will assist in implementing and optimizing your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes when using and deploying CloudBees Jenkins Suite.


Cloud Automation, Docker, Ansible, terraform

Enabling organizations to adopt the right "Cloud Strategy"


Ansible Implementation Training and Mentoring

We will enable your team to understand Ansible concepts and perform hands-on Ansible deployment and operations including implementation.

Training Docker For Enterprise Developers

We will train your team to cover best practices to containerize and modernize legacy applications or build containerized applications from scratch that are secure, robust, highly available, resilient and self-healing.

Training Docker For Enterprise Operations

We will enable your team with Docker EE to govern the software supply chain using UCP and DTR including CI/CD, content trust and image scanning, there by managing containers and managing virtual machines.

Training Docker Security Course

This course offers learners a hands-on overview of important security features and best practices to protect containerized services.


Assisting organizations in building the best-fit "Development Pipeline"

GitHub Workflow Consultation

We'll review how you craft software today and help co-design a DevOps configuration and tailored Git workflow that harnesses the platform and version control system for your teams.

Jenkins Pipeline Consultation

We will assist in implementing and optimizing your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes when using and deploying CloudBees Jenkins Suite.

Github API Consultation
Our experts engage your team to explores the GitHub API, leveraging our expertise to advise and guide in the exploration, integration, and extension of the GitHub platform.


ChatOps Training Workshop

We will have a beginner friendly workshop, designed for those who require an introduction to ChatOps.

Continous Delivery, CI/CD, Jenkins, cloudbees

End-to-End Software Testing Services

Quality Assurance Consultancy Services

We’ll guide you in establishing a Continuous Testing transformation strategy to implement BDD, TDD and end-to-end QC processes.

Quality Assurance Governance Services

We’ll assist you in building the right QA strategy and processes. 

Quality Assurance Testing Services

We can run your testing services ​on-shore, off-shore or near-shore governed by pre-set KPI's to ensure quality applications rolled out.

Test Automation, continuous testing, test strategy
Application modernization, Docker, Kubernetes
Refactoring or building applications using "Modern Engineering"

Legacy Codebase to Git Migration

Our Engineers will enable your team to migrate from Subversion or other legacy code base to Git considering history, long-term goals, such as development speed, flexibility and efficiency.

Modernizing Traditional Applications (MTA) Service

Our Services provides expert assistance containerizing a traditional application, then deploying it, evolving from monolith to microservices

Containerization, Docker, Microservices

Developing and implementing the right  "container Strategy"

Training Kubernetes Fundamentals

This course introduces concepts of Kubernetes in development and production including building and deploying  applications, cloud-native Continuous Delivery, cluster monitoring and debugging.

Training Kubernetes Operations

An advanced course featuring use-cases to prepare engineers for the reality of creating, maintaining and debugging Kubernetes clusters in production.

Training Kubernetes And Container Security

A course emphasizing on Linux container security, pragmatic threat modeling and risk assessment based on deep understanding


staff augmentation, Agile, sonarcube

Deploying the right Devops skills on premises

Local Expertise with Global Reach

You can use our in-house expertise or rely on our experts to get the best-fit skills.​

Specialized in Agile & DevOps Only

We can assist in short-term engagement with specific required skills or yearly contractual resource(s).


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