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Archinnova is an innovative business technology consulting and implementation firm  established in Dubai , UAE  serving the Middle East and dedicated to delivering an end to  end Agile and DevOps solution.


Our "DevOps 360" model supported by our best practices driven methodologies and powered by leading solutions and implemented by highly skilled engineers, to ensure tangible results through a partnership journey of collaboration, knowledge transfer and flexibility. 


Archinnova’s unique Service Delivery Model and customer centric approach ensure consistent implementation, pragmatic adoption and effective governance. 

Our approach is designed to identify the critical value engineering capabilities aligned with the differentiation strategy of our clients, and adapted to their specific readiness and culture. Sustainability is achieved by addressing the people, process and technology dimension to institutionalize the required services. 


In short period, Archinnova was recognized by the CIOReview magazine as the


"Top 20 most promising DevOps Solution Providers - 2018"

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Mohammed Bin Rashed Housing Establishment (MBRHE) selected Archinnova to help in the Devops Transformation 

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