What do I need to setup in order torun Docker EE in my environment?

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Docker is the company driving the container movement and the only container platform provider to address every application across the hybrid cloud.

Docker Enterprise Edition [EE] is a container management and security platform for building a secure software supply chain.

Docker EE includes:

• Application and cluster management with policy enforcement

• Role-based access controls spanning development to production

• Private content registries

• Security content scanning and trust verification

Docker EE enables you to create a secure supply chain by implementing several components. One of the main advantages of Docker EE is the ease of deploying the suite, which consists of:

Universal Control Plane (UCP): Command and control operations, access control, and the main UI are in UCP, which runs on Docker EE manager nodes.

Docker Trusted Registry (DTR): Your private container image repository, which can also scan and digitally verify every image.

Docker EE worker nodes: These nodes take commands from UCP and perform the work of running your containers.

Should I start using Docker EE with a new app or an existing app?

Many of our most successful customers started using Docker EE with existing applications. The primary reason is that this allows you to focus on learning and operationalizing Docker EE without the added complexity that can come with code changes and greenfield applications. Once a working knowledge of Docker EE is gained with an existing app, customers often expand use cases to include new applications as well.

Source: http://partners.docker.com/downloads/Docker-IT-Administrators-Questions-ebook-010318-interactive.pdf

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