Jenkins Area Meetup (JAM) is coming to Dubai

Jenkins Area Meetups (JAM) are local meetups intended to bring Jenkins users and contributors together for socializing and learning. JAMs are organized by local Jenkins community members who have a passion for sharing new Jenkins concepts, patterns and tools. Jenkins Area Meetups are driven by local organizers, Archinnova being their local regional partner in Middle East is hosting the JAM meetups all across UAE

Jenkins is the premier open source technology for implementing Agile CI/CD, and DevOps practices. This group will connect professionals in the pursuit of sharing practices, networking, and exploring advanced topics.

Venue: Microsoft Office, Building 8, DIC Time : 6th March, 2019 - 7:00-9:00pm Topic: Native CI/CD for Kubernetes with JenkinsX

Huge Kick start for the event

Viktor Farcic is a Senior Consultant at CloudBees, A member of the Docker Captains group.

He coded using a plethora of languages starting with Pascal (yes, he is old), Basic (before it got Visual prefix), ASP (before it got .Net suffix), C, C++, Perl, Python, ASP .net, Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, Java, Scala, etc.

He never worked with Fortran.

His current favourite is Go.

His big passions are Microservices, Continuous Deployment and Test-Driven Development (TDD). He often speaks at community gatherings and conferences.

What's in store for you at the meetup?

Come join us for some pizzas and networking on 6th March 2019 :) See you there!

Organised by Archinnova co-sponsored with Microsoft Gulf


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