Government entities in Middle East to adopt DevOps

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MRHE) is all set to adopt DevOps approach to software development, which will fully automate its application delivery lifestyle to speed up processes and make it faster delivered to clients. MRHE has appointed Archinnova DMCC, an innovative business technology consulting and implementation firm  established in Dubai, serving the DevOps Middle East and dedicated to delivering an end to end DevOps solution ranging from planning all the way to continuous deployment.

This big step will make MHRE one of the first government bodies to take up a complete digital transformation initiative in the MiddleEast with DevOps , with the motive of being able to deploy more up-to-date services, increased customer interaction and high service delivery.

Archinnova's detailed holistic approach towards MRHE's software development lifecycle (SDLC) will aim at improved code efficiency and faster recovery of any service failure. The Archinnova's DevOps management system will automate the quality checks, manages the performance issues and ensure faster delivery of solution without sacrificing the quality.

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