DevOps 360- Next big step to DevOpsify Middle East

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Archinnova DMCC, an innovative business technology DevOps consulting and implementation firm  established in Dubai serving the Middle East and dedicated to delivering an end to end DevOps solution ranging from planning all the way to continuous deployment was founded with a mission to "DevOpsify"-ing the Middle East market. Archinnova believes that DevOps is the right catalyst to drive automation

in overseeing all steps of the software development life cycle (SDLC)

With our DevOps 360 solution, companies get a unified approach to application delivery encompassing the disparate set of processes in SDLC which enables them to compete software development quickly and efficiently. The offering aids customers in continuous planning, testing, integration, deployment and collaboration. with these essentials, they can move toward lean and agile software development and automate software delivery with minimal human intervention.

Currently Archinnova is focusing on bolstering the "security aspects of the game- (DevSecOps)" by adding more security products to its armory.

"Going further, we are launching a full-fledged DevOps training center offering public as well as on-site training courses, covering theoretical and practical experience using specially designed curricula. We are keen to play an integral role in the digital transformation wave in the Middle East region" says Diyaa Zebian, CEO Archinnova DMCC.


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